Afternoon Closing

What:    Afternoon Closing Luncheon and Prize Presentations
Where:  Ming's Restaurant
When:   Wed., Apr. 23 at 1:00 p.m.

Afternoon Winners 2013-14

Mon.:   Earl Logan,  Betty MacNeil,  Carl Bryan,  Sharon Lynch
Tues.:  Bob Wallace,  Walter Kirkwood,  Marilyn Robinson,  Robert Simpson
Wed.:  Jim Allen,  Alf Irving  (Stick)
Thur.:  John McNaughton,  Betty MacNeil,  Bill Dimock,  Mike Wilson

Jan - Feb:
Mon:   Haylett Clarke,  Reagh Turner,  Gloria Caborn
Tues:  Merle Pratt,  Wally Kirkwood,  Allison Munro,  Theresa Patton 
Wed:  Jack Pink,  Cyril Gerrior  (Stick)
Thur:  Bruce Wornell,  Norris Robinson,  Alice Mclean,  Sharon Lynch

Feb. - Mar.:
Mon:   Merle Pratt,  Doug Burgess,  Ann Allen,  Mike Wilson
Tue.:   Keith Caborn,  Bruce Wornell,  Herb Bryan,  Robert Simpson
Wed.:  Alf Irving, Robert Simpson (stick)
Thur:   Andrew Richardson,  Betty MacNeil,  Allison Munro,  Don McInnes

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